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Samples from the 2005 Valley Calligraphy Guild Exhibit

Mt. Angel Abbey, St. Benedict, Oregon

There are three pages of calligraphy. The pieces are arranged in alphabetical order by artist.
Judy Black provided all the photographs.

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Beckham 1
Kay Beckham Ephesians 1:4  
Beckham 2
Kay Beckham Love Looks Together 

Beckham 3
Kay Beckham Live Not Alone  

Beckham 4
Kay Beckham Open to the Day
Black 1
Judy Black Random Thoughts - book
black 2
Judy Black Our Choices

Carol Dutoit The Three C's

Carol Dutoit Future II

Carol Dutoit Future  

Diane Hutt One Person

Diane Hutt I'm Nobody  

Diane Hutt Speech is Silver, Silence is Golden

Reeva Kimble Come to the Orchard

Diane Leban Solaris

Diane Leban Translucent Fishes  

Diane Leban Change

Show Samples A-L   M-R   R-Z