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November 7 & 8, 2015

Drawn and Painted Letters with Marilyn Reaves

Drawn and Painted Letters (various brushes and drawing tools) In this workshop we will use tools and techniques usually outside the pen-oriented calligraphic tradition to create playful, expressive letters. Working with graphite pencil, colored pencil, charcoal pencil, and brushes with watercolor, gouache, and acrylics, can produce various effects in color, texture, and tone, and unlimited expressions of form. We will create single letters and simple words that can be the basis for pieces with additional written text.

Lane Community College -- Building 30, Room 114 (click for map)

Registration & Supply list

Six Samples from Marilyn Reaves 1 2 3 4 5 6


March 12 & 13 , 2016

Modern Versals with Angela Cox

Modern Versals An intermediate to advanced two-day workshop

Versal Letters are pen-drawn forms that can be created for a variety of uses. They trace their roots from Roman stone letter-carvings, and can be seen throughout the ages in manuscripts and into the modern era with the artwork of David Jones, and Ann Hechle. Majestic as a heading or playfully balanced throughout a text, these letters have personality and a life of their own.

Details to follow


Contact Workshop Chairs Chris Scholz (541-747-9263)
or Jennie Bannister (541-687-4648)
via e-mail (click on name above) or phone for
additional information on workshops.

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