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Valley Calligraphy Guild
Schedule of Meetings, Events and Projects

General Meetings

All Valley Calligraphy Guild meetings will take place via Zoom until further notice.
Members will receive invitations by email.
Most general meetings will be
open at 6:45 PM, Pacific Coast time with time for greetings and show & tell before the start of the evening program.

All VCG members, everywhere in the known universe, have an opportunity to attend monthly meetings,
see old friends and learn new techniques.

A Zoom invitation will be sent out to all members before the meeting.

The 2023 Valley Calligraphy Guild Virtual Exhibit
is available for viewing.
Click on 2023 in Shows in the orange bar above
and enjoy three pages of new calligraphy
by members of the VCG

June - July- August 2024
SUMMER Inspirations

Do you remember that feeling when school was out for the summer, and you had weeks ahead when you could be out of your normal routine?  Take advantage of your surroundings this summer and let them inspire your creativity.  Get that same rush of excitement by implementing a journal design you love on a summer trip.   
If you will be staying in Oregon, find picturesque, out-of-the-way places to spend some time (like a trip to the beach, up the McKenzie or over to Crater Lake, wherever you want to go.)  

We look forward to seeing how inspired you were when you present your Summer Inspiration
at the September VCG meeting. 

Please take a photo and email it to Judy Black for inclusion in the VCG Newsletter! 
Thanks for participating!

now Register to exhibit your calligraphy at the Oregon State Fair (see below)
August 2024
6 Delivery date for Calligraphy Exibit at the Oregon State Fair
Eugene’s delivery person - Judy Black
2684 Chad Dr.
Eugene, OR

Last day to register online for Calligraphy Exibit at the Oregon State Fair

24 Book Lab VII August Book Design By Judy Black & Heidi Stolp

Participants will learn how to make a 48-page book/journal using sophisticated book binding techniques. They will learn how to cover book boards and will be given instructions on how to make book cover jigs for precise cutting. The instructors will introduce participants to book binding tools and jigs that will make the process easy.
And much more! Click for flyer

Saturday, Aug. 24th, 2024
9:30am - 2:00pm

Emmaus Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall
1250 W. 18th Ave., Eugene, OR 97402

Tuition : $ 35
Material fee $10

For details and supply list,
please click for flyer

27 Valley Calligraphy Guild Board Meeting
5 PM via Zoom
Any VCG member who would like to attend should contact Heidi to receive an invitation
31 August 31 is the last day to submit pieces for the 2024 VCG Virtual Exhibit

All VCG members may submit up to three pieces
Deadline for submission - August 31, 2024
Calligraphy pieces should be sent as e-mail attachments and mailed to
Your piece does not need to be matted or framed.

Please include:
name of piece
actual size
materials used (for example - nib brand and size, paper used, ink/watercolor/gouache, etc.)
Details on special techniques would be welcomed, but not required

Submit LARGE files (up to 2 MB), so the images can also be reproduced in the VCG newsletter. Large files may have to be mailed individually, rather than all attached to the same email
Take pictures with a digital camera or phone (without glass or plastic covering on your pieces). If you are unable to photograph the pieces and do not have a friend who can do it, make an appointment to bring them to the home of Reeva Kimble for photography help.

September 2024
  Valley Calligraphy Guild dues are due. Please click on Membership at the top of this page for details on how to send in your dues and other details about the VCG.
10 Valley Calligraphy Guild Board Meeting
5 PM via Zoom
12 Valley Calligraphy Guild General Meeting
15 2024 VCG Virtual Exhibit opens



Recordings of past programs (below)
currently available only to VCG members


Valley Calligraphy Guild General Meeting - Feb. 2023

Sue Greenseth is a professional calligrapher and graphic artist. She is an officer with the Portland Society of Calligraphy and teaches calligraphy workshops throughout the US. Her program will be teaching us her Neuland along with fun ways to embellish the script.


  • 6mm Pilot Parallel Pen (inked up and ready to go!) 
  • Paper: I prefer Gilbert Bond, but I'll leave it up to each individual to choose what they like best. 
  • Guidelines: People can rule their own lines, or they can use the guide I've attached. We'll also talk about working at a very small 2 pen width X-height, but not spend much time there. 
Optional materials:
  • Pens: Glaze pens, glitter gel pens, Signo Uni-Ball
  • Markers: thin black markers such as Pigma Micron 01, or Pilot Hi-Tec-C 03 (or whatever they have)
  • Pencil for shading.
  • Click to download Neuland exemplar and guidelines

Valley Calligraphy Guild General Meeting - March 2023
: Carolingian demonstration by Yuki Tanaka
Supply list
• Nib — 3mm — nib like  Michell #1/ Speedball C-2,  pen holder & ink  or
• Pilot Parallel Pen 3mm 
• practice paper — layout bond or your favorite

click for exemplar, guidelines and samples



by Sheila Waters from Under Milkwood

Valley Calligraphy Guild General Meeting - April 2023
PROGRAM - Embellishing Copperplate with Aries Manoff
Watch Aries as she adds simple embellishments and cartouches to Copperplate pointed pen lettering. See designs that would work with any pointed pen script and can be used to add extra pizzazz to an envelope or card.
Supply list
Practice paper – HP Premium 32lb or whatever you prefer to practice with
Blank card
Straight pen or Oblique pen
Sumi Ink
Walnut Ink
Fintec (Colorio) Watercolor
G Nib (more stiff)
Brause 66EF Nib (very flexible!!)
Paper Towel

Sample & supply list

Valley Calligraphy Guild General Meeting - May 2023

Program: The Magic of Mica with Suzie Beringer
Who doesn’t like a little sparkle and shimmer? Come and learn why Suzie loves to work with mica. She will discuss some of the many things she does to make hers unique.

Valley Calligraphy Guild General Meeting - October 2023
Program - Folk Art and More! A Pilot Parallel Pen class with Violet Smythe

Handouts for the meeting
Circle Templates for Mandalas
Pilot Parallel Pens
Folk Art and More handout

Supplies for meeting
· Pilot Parallel pen—whatever you have in hand—sizes 6.0mm to 3.8mm will be demonstrated
· Fountain pen inks (Pelikan, J Herbin, Robert Oster, etc. ) and or Ecoline liquid watercolour and or walnut ink
· layout paper that takes your favourite ink  without bleeding
· 1/4” graph/grid paper
· Ruler and pencil
· watercolour, white gouache, palette, brush for loading, water container, paper towels
· Card stock and or watercolour paper and or Strathmore Watercolour cards
· compass

See flyer
Click for Violet's blog

VCG General Meeting - November 2023
Program: Exploring your ruling/folding pen with Judy Black
We will be playing with ruling/folding pens, so dig them out.

If you do not have one, don’t worry. You can watch YouTube Videos and make one.
How to make a Folded Pen
DIY Folded Ruling Pen
How to make a Soda Can Pen

Judy will show different types of these pens and the marks that they make. Everyone can experiment with pens, make marks and show us what you created.
Heidi Stolp will demonstrate some lettering styles that can be adapted to the ruling/folding pen’s unique mark making capabilities.

VCG General Meeting- February 2024
Laura Drager will take us on a quick tour of Ireland and the exhibit of the Book of Kells.
Then she will show us how to make some easy celtic knots.
Warning - the knots become an addiction once you start. 

Supply list - pencil and graph paper
      examples below
Simple Celtic Knot
Trinity Knot

VCG General Meeting March 2024
Program - TAG BOOK

Judy Black and Heidi Stolp will demonstrate how to create a little tag book from either commercial mailing tags or tags made from the provided template and card stock or decorated papers from your own paper supply.

Add your own greeting, drawings or quote as a gift for any special occasion.
Many sample ideas will be shared.

• Commercial mailing tags or cardstock or like weighted paper
• ¼” hole punch
• Ribbon or twine – 8”
• Bone folder
• Ruler/pencil/scissors

Tag book template

VCG General Meeting - April 2024
Program - Letter and Turn with Melanie Payne

Supply list

  • Black paper - Canson, Artagain, or Bee Paper (spiral bound jet-black charcoal/Pastel paper from Blick) 
  • White ink — I use a Molotow Acrylic Marker 1.5 mm or 2.00 mm - OR - Uniball Signo White 
  • Colored pencils - Any kind will do  
    • I recommend jewel tones as colors, but people are welcome to use what they have.  
    • I will demo with Prismacolor Premier and Koh-I-Noor Tri-Tone pencils
    • Metallic Silver and/or Metallic Gold color pencil to add highlights
  • Ruler
click to learn about Melanie and see samples of her work

VCG General Meeting
- May 2024
Program - Have you ever wondered about Scribbled Lives?
Judy Black has been a participant in Carol DuBosch's Scribbled Lives group for years.
Judy, Betty Locke and Carol Sterry shared their experiences and showed many examples of the weekly challenges.

Special Information
Check Workshops web page for upcoming events

Send camera-ready submissions and holiday cards for the next issue of the
Valley Calligraphy Guild Newsletter
Please turn in items and
information to the Newsletter Team

Judy Black
2684 Chad Drive
Eugene OR 97408
541 485-2336

Edie Roberts
2366 Washington St.
Eugene OR 97405

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