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Samples from the 2006 Valley Calligraphy Guild Exhibits
at Mount Angel Abbey, St. Benedict, Oregon

and DIVA
(Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts in Eugene, Oregon)

Photos by Reeva Kimble and Anne Merydith
The pieces are arranged in alphabetical order by artist.

Show Samples: A-D   E-Q   R-Z

Christine Anderson- Rhythm**

Christine Anderson - You Change the World



Dee Anderson - Philippians 4:6 and 7

M. Kay Beckham - Miracle**


M. Kay Beckham - Live**

Laura Betty - Magic*

Judy Black - Nature*

Judy Black - Dreams**

Joan Bray - Poem in October**

Jan Brumback - Messing Around in Boats

Jan Brumback - Earth, Air, Fire and Water

Laurie Cook - "L"

Laurie Cook - Strangers

Shari Denfeld - 5 Subject Notebook

Shari Denfeld - Faith and Doubt


Shari Denfeld - Simple Gifts

Betty Duval - Great Spirit**

Betty Duval - Tulips in Spring

* Piece exhibited in Diva show only
** Piece in both Mount Angel show and Diva show
To find details on materials used in creating each calligraphic piece, consult The Valley Calligraphy Guild Newsletter, September-December 2006 edition.

Some pieces that were exhibited at the Mount Angel show have not been included on the web site because we do not have photographs. If you have good pictures of those pieces, please send them to me.  If you have better photos of your exhibit pieces (for example, without glass reflections,) please send scans.

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