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Valley Calligraphy Guild Virtual Exhibit - 2021

The pieces are arranged in alphabetical order by last name of artist.

Click on any piece to see a larger image.

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Nancy Anderson - Be Somebody
14 x 11 Cut paper, watercolor, folded pen

Nancy Anderson - Flowers Are Like Friends
10 x 13, Cut paper, Dr. Martin's Pro-white

Jennie Bannister - Queen of Hearts
9" x 11", Colored pencil, Sumi ink

Jennie Bannister - Building a Book Nook
4" x 7.5" x 10", laser cut basswood, glue, paint
No. of parts: 503


Jennie Bannister - Lady with Cigar
11" x 13", colored pencil

Heather Barton - Peace
8" x 2 1/2" - Bookmark
Higgins' Eternal ink , colored pencils, finetec gold, Nikko G nib
"The God of peace be with you"

Heather Barton - Nature Feeds
6.5" x 6.5", watercolor on watercolor paper, pigma markers, graphite and finetec gold
"Nature feeds the body and soul"

Heather Barton- Grace & Peace
4.25" x 5.5" Higgins' eternal ink
It was scanned then dropped into Photoshop Elements and the ampersand was outlined. Then the piece was given dropshadow. From there I could create a card so that I can reproduce this and send it out many times! 

Judy Black - Peace
9” x 12", 23 K gold leaf, white gouache and sumi ink on gray Canson paper.
#3A Coit pen and embossing stylus.

Judy Black - Surround Yourself
Sumi ink, 23K gold leaf and watercolor on Arches text wove.
Pointed pen and watercolor brush.

Judy Black - Unimaginable
9” x 11”, Sumi ink and Bister inks on Arches text wove. Micron pen, brush pen and watercolor brush.

Sandi Cormier - Be Kind
12" x 14”, Fabriano paper with dark green ink, Automatic pen

Laura Drager - Live Every Thing
11" x 17", Mitchell and Automatic pens, walnut ink, watercolor.

Debra Ferreboeuf - Beauty Mark
7 feet x 5 feet on wall with taupe acrylic paint and brush.

Debra Ferreboeuf - One More Time
12” x 6", FineTec gold to fill in drawn letters on black Arches cover.

Debra Ferreboeuf - No Expectations
15” x 9”, Sumi ink and colored pencil on black charcoal paper

Debra Ferreboeuf - One Day
13” x 9.5” Graphite

Cindy FitzGerald - The Soul Becomes Dyed
8"x10", Strathmore Bristol Vellum Paper, colored Pencil , Pearlescent FW galactic blue ink

Cindy FitzGerald - Birthday Greetings Card and envelope
4"x6"', Various watercolor paints and various markers and inks

Photos provided by the artist
Click on any piece to see a larger image.

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