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Valley Calligraphy Guild Virtual Exhibit - 2022

The pieces are arranged in alphabetical order by last name of artist.

Click on any piece to see a larger image.

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Edie Roberts - We Already Do This
Black sumi ink, Roma paper
5” x 9”

Carole Sterry - Breathe

Written with a 1/2 inch dollhouse shingle pen dipped in diluted Golden Acrylic paint - Titanium White. The patchwork frame around BREATHE is made with Prismacolor pencils, leaving a “gutter” of black around each letter. The rest of the quote is just my handwriting written with a Jelly Roll 08.
Paper - Arches Cover,
7 1/2" X 11"


Carole Sterry - I Don’t Remember

Written with black Sharpie on clear acetate. There is a piece of fabric under the acetate.
8” X 10”

Carole Sterry - Thinking of you

Background is made by moving acrylics across the paper with pieces of cardboard and my fingers. The paper was a smooth Bristol Vellum. I applied a Gloss Medium after the paint dried. The writing is done with a small uni POSCA pen. I mounted the message on black Artagain paper and attached it to a purchased blank card.
3.5" X 5 1/2"

Heidi Stolp - Hope
Walnut ink, B-3 nib, hand carved rubber stamps, colored pencil, Platinum pen with carbon black ink.

Heidi Stolp - Be A Rainbow
Multi-media layers using walnut and sumi inks, watercolors, colored pencil, false gold leaf, gesso and lettering done with Higgins ink and pointed pen in Arches text wove.
5”x 12”

Yuki Tanaka - A to Z
Mixed Media paper, OLFA 9mm snap off knife
38cm x 14cm

Yuki Tanaka - Be Colorful
Aches Text Wove paper, OLFA 9mm snap off knife, watercolor
32cm x 18cm

Yuki Tanaka - Smile

Mixed Media paper, OLFA 9mm snap off knife
17cm x 6cm
All individually cut letters.


Sandy Van Valin - Nature Journal
Acid free 80 lb. Text pages.
Sap Green w/c, Mitchell 6 nib, color pencil background.
5 1/2” x 7”

Sandy Van Valin - Nature Journal

Left Eco Print. Right color pencil background, Indigo Blue stick ink, Speedball C-2 nib, pressed leaf stamping
acid free 80 lb mixed media text pages.
Size 11” x 7” two pages.

Sandy Van Valin - Nature Journal

Pressure-release capitals, Generals charcoal pencil, color pencil background,
acid free 80 lb mixed media text pages.
Double page spread 11” x 7”


Susan Wickes - I Am What I Am

Brause 1.5 mm with watercolor and colored pencil, Micron Pigman pen, and collage
 10” x 18”

Susan Wickes - Mellow Autumn
Brause 1.5 mm nib, watercolor
15 ½” x 12½”


Photos provided by the artist
Click on any piece to see a larger image.

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