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Valley Calligraphy Guild Virtual Exhibit - 2023

The pieces are arranged in alphabetical order by last name of artist.

Click on any piece to see a larger image.

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Sherill McBroom - Bookmarks
All are done on watercolor paper, using a wedge brush and water colors, nib ef66, Fox and Quill ink.

Sherill McBroom - Card
I have used the EF 66 live with Walnut, Ink and Japanese watercolor . This is a Store Bought blank, 5 x 4 1/2 card with matching envelope.

Sherill McBroom - A Single Rose
Watercolor paper, paper napkin, pastels a ef66nib, McCaffery’s Prairie

Sherill McBroom - Card
rubber stamp, napkin, and pastels and walnut ink.



Nichol Rauch - Sage leaf print
Sage leaf print as described in last VCG Newsletter, Fabriano Academia paper, Zebra G nib, Higgins Eternal ink, ladybug taught by Angela Miller.
5" x 7"

Detail of lady bug above.

Edie Roberts - Alphabet
           Watercolor background; swirls of gesso. Walnut ink, sumi ink.
The "bleeding" letters are an Ink-tense pencil on damp paper.

9 1/2 x 11"


Edie Roberts - Music
           Large A, reed dipped in colored inks;   Sumi ink for lettering.   Acid-free paper
 9" x 13"

Edie Roberts - The Answer
         Various sizes of reeds, full strokes and edges; brause nib.  Arches text-wove, Sumi ink, snips of gold paper.
 11" x 7 "

Carole Sterry - Astronomy
Artagain Black Paper, Alcohol Inks on Yupo Medium Paper
Writing done with pointed pen and Bleed Proof White Ink.
7” square

Carole Sterry - Summer Song (from when I was 16)
Artagain Black Paper, Drawn letters filled with colored pencil
Pencil drawn figure with colored pencil and black sharpie
9” x 7.25”

Heidi Stolp - Color
      Watercolors and colored pencils with Copic Multiliner 0.25 for drawn lettering. 

  13” x 13”


Heidi Stolp - Magical Things
      Colored pencil and black Micron for design and Higgins ink with C-5 for lettering.

  13 ”x 13”

Heidi Stolp - With Great Love
Watercolors and colored pencil- letter outlining wit Micron marker. 

14” x 17”

Photos provided by the artist
Click on any piece to see a larger image.

A - F   G - M   M - S

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